In this section you will be able to find interviews that have been carried out on us on different televisions, newspapers and radio stations. In them we talk about our show, route through the center of Valencia and the Holy Grail of Valencia. You can also find a photo gallery with our performances.

They recommend us on Traveling with Mami is your complete guide to Valencia

Valencia with family with kids tour Traveling with Mami. Fun tour with kids
23/11/2023 - And what better way to organize a travel by the province of Valencia, who let themselves be advised by experts in the area who understand very well what it is travel with children. Ensure that they enjoy all the activities and excursions in one way funny, animated, and playful has been the main objective of this trip. Do you want to know the history of the Holy Grail of Valencia with Indiana Tours Valencia? What a surprise we have had with this amazing culture and adventure tour with show inspired by the movie Indiana Jones.

We were amazed, when suddenly we saw the legendary adventurer arrive with his chariot, hat and whip. We discovered that Indiana Jones was going to be ours fun guide during 2 hours of the most interesting tour.  I can assure you that it is a piece of plan, ideal for families with children and adults if you want to discover the city of Valencia with the best stories, the most mysterious legends. Click on the link to see the news on Traveling with Mami: 

Netflix presents the Way of the Holy Grail worldwide

13/11/2023 - Dr. Ana Mafé García has filmed a production explaining from science what the Holy Grail is and its path that is structured in Spain from Huesca to Valencia. Since the beginning of November, a new pilgrimage path “made in Spain” is reaching the living rooms of millions of people around the world thanks to the new Netflix documentary series: Mysteries of Faith. Click on the link to see the news in beautiful Valencia: 

Indiana Jones at the Valencia Tourism Fair

Valencia Tourism Exhibition
13/14 and 10/2023 - 
Valencia Tourism Exhibition

We have been in The Tourism Show of the Valencian Community and here we share some moments with:

The 8 Mediterranean, by whom we were interviewed at our stand, Francisco Javier Ribera, president of Tour & Kids, Product Club Family Tourism for the Valencia, of which Jaco Müller is a vocal member, Balbina Sendra, Director of the Palau Ducal of Gandia, Esther Labaig, General Director of Tourism, and Dr. Ana Mafé García, President of the Cultural Association Path of the Holy Grail. We have really enjoyed this Tourism Exhibition, without a doubt the Valencia has an endless number of tourist activities and leisure for all audiences and preferences. It has been a pleasure to make known our activity, winner of the Award for Best Accessible Experience 2023, at the stand Indiana Tours Valencia. Thank you very much to all.

Indiana Jones also in the German press

14/06/2023 - Jäger verlorener Schätze: Action-Tour „Indiana Jones“ in Valencia.

Der Deutsch-Spanier Jaco Müller begeistert Besucher mit einer Hollywood-reifen Führung rund um den Heiligen Gral in Valencia. Eine Hauptrolle spielen auch die Achtsamkeit und Rücksicht auf Schwächere. Valencia - Indiana Jones and Spanien, das passt. Siehe die vielen andalusischen Drehorte für den Film, in dem der Hollywood-Archäologe dem Heiligen Gral hinterherjagte. In Valencia können Touristen seit einiger Zeit gemeinsam mit dem Filmhelden Abenteuer erleben. Der Deutsch-Spanier Jaco Müller lädt als Darsteller von Indiana Jones zu einer spektakulären Action-Tour ein, in der Touristen nicht nur jede Menge über die historische Stadt an der spanischen Mittelmeerküste erfahren, sondern auch wesentliche Elemente der „Indy“-Saga mit a n Bord sind: der Hut und die Peitsche natürlich, aber auch der Heilige Gral. Click on the link to see the news at 

Indiana Jones looks for the Sant Greal to the cathedral of Valencia

10 / 04 / 2023 - 
A guided tour proposes this theme to get to know Ciutat Vella through culture and entertainment.

After looking for the Sant Greal in the second to last round, Indiana Jones hasn't returned the track to our land. Specifically, in the Sant Calze capella of the Valencia Cathedral. Will you have a different perspective to visit the city these days? Will you meet Doctor Jones? It is not Harrison Ford, but Jaco Müller, a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in the animation of themed markets, street theater, circuses and many other forms of spectacle. "When I was going to arrive in Valencia and talk about Sant Calze, I was going to think that the character of Indiana would be perfect for me, because I could use the fire, walk around a giant ball, throw ganivets…". Click on the link to see the news in 

The Gandian artist Yaco Müller puts himself in the shoes of Indiana Jones in his project "Indiana Tours"

21 / 02 / 2023 - 
These are guided tours of Valencia for people with reduced mobility.

The Gandian artist Yaco Müller puts himself in the shoes of the adventurer Indiana Jones in his project "Indiana Tours" with routes in the city of Valencia designed for people with reduced mobility. In fact, this business project received one of the "Creaturisme" Awards given by the Generalitat at the last FITUR. He proposes the routes with a show during the tour, being faithful to his career as an artist. An experience that he would like to bring to Gandia as one more tourist attraction.

Click on the link to see the news in Cadena Ser: 

Indiana Jones interviewed in Magazin Tele Safor 06-02-2023

A Gandian promotes a route to discover the mystery of the Holy Grail in Valencia 'a la Indiana Jones'

05 / 02 / 2023 - 
Its creator, Jaco Müller, becomes Harrison Ford and uses circus techniques during the journey. During the route, the participants follow various clues to solve the mystery. «He talks about many things in Valencia such as the Dragon of the Patriarch and also goes through other points such as the Baños del Almirante. The route is designed by mixing two tours that already existed, one of mysteries and legends and the real story of the Holy Grail that has to do with the city of Valencia and "I turn it into an adventure". «You had to look for the mystery because the story is very good and it is mysterious and it is a tour in which things happen». Click on the link to see the news in Levante-emv: 

The Generalitat delivers the first Creaturisme awards at Fitur

19 / 01 / 2023 - 
Best Accessible Experience Award: The Last Crusade – Indiana Tours Valencia

A cultural visit that takes as its main reference the Holy Grail located in Valencia, adapted mainly to people with physical, cognitive and visual difficulties: access ramps to monuments and spaces, streets that allow wheelchair users, 3D printed figures and elements visual animation. Very suitable for family audiences since there are few alternatives that contemplate the participation of boys and girls who require more accessible spaces. Click on the link to see all the images of the awards ceremony: 

Click on the link to see the full story: 


16/01/2023 - On January 19, at FITUR we received our award from the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, and the Regional Secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, in the central square of the stand of the Valencian Community at IFEMA. Soon more news !! Thanks for being adventurous!!

We are already in TUR4all

20/12/2022 - Indiana Tours Valencia offers, by the hand of its creator Jaco Müller, fun inclusive visits to get to know this wonderful city in a different way. Many of us have gotten used to getting excited only through a screen. Thanks to a careful journey, full of rhythm, fun and wonder, "Indiana Jones" shows us that seeing it is not the same as living it and that when the show begins, anything is possible. A 2h tour based on the best stories, legends and mysteries of the city of Valencia. Jaco Müller begins his tours of the city of Valencia in the Plaza de la Virgen. Click on the link to see the news at: TUR4all ver

We appear in several media: Indiana in search of the lost paella

19/09/2022 - For decades, the existence and location of the ancient and revered paella has been one of the great mysteries of researchers. Many claimed to have found it. Now Jaco Müller, IndianaTours of Valencia, will start a global search that constitutes a real detective adventure in search of the lost paella. Click on the link to see the news in: Valencia Gastronómica ver
The Valencian see
Valencia News see
crazy about paella see

Interview on Levante TV (Direct CV)

05/08/2022 - Very good interview in one of the most important communication media in the Valencian Community. We talk about history, culture, Valencia, our city and of course... Indiana and the Holy Grail. I hope you like it !! Click on the link to watch the interview on LevanteTV: see

Tourism bursts the center of Valencia. Hundreds of visitors tour a Ciutat Vella adorned by the Mare de Déu

28/04/2022 - Yesterday in Madrid the Tour & Kids workshop took place to present our offer of family tourism in the Valencian Community to travel agencies. @gvaturisme was also present. Thanks to all the agencies for their interest 👏 If you want to know more about our family tourism offer in the Community, do not hesitate to visit our website. ⭐⭐ Click on the link to download the news: Download

Tourism bursts the center of Valencia. Hundreds of visitors tour a Ciutat Vella adorned by the Mare de Déu

08/05/2022 - For not missing, in the center it was not missing this Saturday morning or Indiana Jones, which was at the door of the Apostles of the cathedral to the revelry of the little ones. With her whip and all. The center of Valencia has shown its best face, despite the ditches and the dust from the works, on a day like before: few masks, a lot of sun, full terraces and tourists. Hundreds of tourists. Click on the link to download the news: Download

We came out in the Vanguard: In search of the Holy Grail.

23/01/2022 - Click on the link to download the news: Download

Grail travels to FITUR on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January 2022

24/01/2022 - One more year, on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most important international tourism fairs in the world, FITUR in Madrid, the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail will go to the pavilion IFEMA. All this with the mission of giving media coverage to the “quest for the holy grail” through his way. As well as other travel companions such as Indiana Tours Valencia, a luxury to discover the secrets of the Holy Grail… A path, will be valued by the Aragonese and Valencian Administration through their Consellerias. See more:
indianatoursvalencia holy grail Fitur

Indiana Tours Valencia and Grail Route recognized and adhered to CreaTurisme for the Valencia.

30/12/2021 - Ruta del Grail is a tourism product program that is part of CreaTurisme's strategy of developing experiential products with high added value within the framework of generating interested demand towards the Valencian Community. Valencia was declared Jubilee City in perpetuity by the Vatican in 2015. This celebration will take place every five years, in recognition of the authenticity of the Grail. Since then, Valencia has been one of the seven jubilee cities in the world. The map that makes up the Grail Route is a set of interesting heritage enclaves near Valencia that link with the Route from Aragon. From Barracas to Valencia, the traveler will find a territory that runs between two Natural Parks (Sierra de Espadán and Sierra de la Calderona). See more: 

We went out at the València Plaza: When your job is to be Indiana Jones.

26/12/2021 - Jaco Müller waits, planted like a goalkeeper, at the door of the apostles of the Cathedral of Valencia. He is dressed as Indiana Jones, with a brown leather jacket and a fedora hat, because he makes a living showing the city while offering a show representing the character from the famous film saga. Jaco has a German father and a Valencian mother, from Gandia, where he has lived for years. Although now, if he manages to secure his 'tours', in the midst of a pandemic, chasing the holy grail -in reality, our Holy Chalice-, he plans to move to Valencia. This sly and smiling German is 52 years old and a life full of changes. He was born in Cologne, grew up in Munich and lived in Stuttgart before his mother fell ill and, as she had custody of the children and had separated, she took twenty-year-old Jaco and his brother with her. Gandia. His brother, who is a dental technician, returned to Germany, but he opted for a less square life on the shores of the Mediterranean and never moved from here. See more:

Templar Night at the Café de las Horas, a success of participation and brotherhood.

This past Tuesday, November 30, the main Templar brotherhoods and organizations of Valencia met at 22 pm at the Café de las Horas. The meeting was organized by Dr. Ana Mafé García, president of the El Camino del Santo Grail Cultural Association, and Marc Insanally, director of the Café de las Horas. During this week the 1st Journey of the Holy Grail Path is being held in Ciutat Vella (1+5=19) with a very important repercussion regarding the urban area of ​​the historic center of our city. The Templar Night that had an unprecedented success due to the amount of public gathered. So much so, that many of the people who wanted to share space and listen to the colloquium on the Path of the Holy Grail, the Route of Knowledge, the Path of Peace, the pilgrims and the Templar orders unfortunately stayed outside the premises. Well, the capacity and strict compliance with the COVIDXNUMX regulations did not allow an agglomeration of the public.

The evening began with the presentation of the Camino del Santo Grail in Valencia, the Pilgrimage Credential and the values ​​that prevail on the way. Dr. Ana Mafé García, president of the El Camino del Santo Grail Cultural Association, listed them as a prologue to the social work currently carried out by the orders of chivalry. ... see more for complete news As he could not miss, he was also invited to the night Jaco Müller creator of the Indiana Tours Valencia brand which aims to reveal the history of the Holy Grail of Valencia in a playful and theatrical way.

Jaco Muller performs incredible tests of courage in different spaces of Ciutat Vella with circus performances recreating the saga of Indiana Jones "in search of the sacred relic". During her journey through the streets she provides data and historical references thanks to the research work carried out by Dr. Ana Mafe Garcia President of the International Scientific Commission of the Path of the Holy Grail. His doctorate is a source of knowledge to explain the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia.

For further information, see:

Indiana Jones arrives in Valencia looking for the Holy Grail. VisitValència uses an allegory of the film character to promote the Camino

The Grail Route has a special guest in an advertising campaign: Indiana Jones. It is an initiative of VisitValència that, in some way, highlights one of the popular associations that has not been exploited until now to promote visits to Valencia to show the chalice of the Last Supper: a universally known film. Because the Grail is not in the Media Luna Canyon, but in the Valencia Cathedral. In this new and particular Last Crusade, the adventurer enters the city through the Puente de Serranos after having completed the designed route. The fact that one of the highest-grossing films of all time had as its protagonist an object that is on view in the city of Valencia is one of the opportunities to value a route that is still in the gestation process to become an alternative to the Camino de Santiago, for which a great consensus between administrations is still required to make it a tourist attraction for Aragon and the Valencian Community. The activation of initiatives on the Holy Grail resumes today with the beautification work on Santo Cáliz street, for which a "floral happening" will be carried out to improve a street that is in a state of abandonment, despite having a symbolic label. The street will be filled with plants and flowers so that they remain until next December 3. See more: 

We go out in Valencia Notícias: The 1st Road to the Holy Grail Conference begins in Ciutat Vella (1+5=XNUMX) with a floral happening

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation has launched a series of sponsorships of activities in Ciutat Vella aimed at boosting this emblematic part of Valencia. The Cultural Association El Camino del Santo Grail has inaugurated this morning the I Jornadas Camino del Santo Grail in Ciutat Vella. A large group of people representing different social classes have gathered at noon in C/ Santo Cáliz. Mr. Francisco Molina, Territorial Director of the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mrs. María Ruíz, Head of the Valencian Community Tourism Cultural Tourism Unit, Mr. Jesús Gimeno Peris, councilor of the Massamagrell City Council, a municipality that represents the last stage of the road before reaching Valencia, attended. . In addition to Mr. Fernando Giner and Mrs. Amparo Picó, councilors of the Valencia City Council. See more: 
La Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail accompanied by a new version of the adventurer Indiana Jones, renamed "Indiana Tours", has toured the Mercat de Mossén Sorrell in recent days to explain to its merchants what it means for the city of Valencia the consolidation of Path of the Holy Grail. In the words of the president of the association, Ana Mafé, it is a "seeding work" to explain the diffusion that the presence of the Holy Chalice in the city of Valencia. The posts will have stamps to prove the pilgrimage. Reference:

Indiana Jones shows to Hu Thao en «A POINT» the routes of Valencia In search of Holy Grail on TV. A dramatized route full of adventures where you will discover mysteries and secrets of Valencia until you reach the coveted Holy Grail.

Dr. Ana Mafe Garcia. Pick up TV. Chimo Rovira. DIRECT CV. HOLY GRAIL - INDIANA TOURS (source Levante TV)

indiana tours valencia
Interview of Chimo Rovira in his program CV EN DIRECTE to Dr. Ana Mafe Garcia on July 21, 2021 on Levante TV. In it, Dr. Mafé presents different activities that can be carried out this summer in the Valencian Community and in Aragon. She also recalls that next week from Monday to Friday the book signing of "The Holy Grail" at the LOSAN CLINICAL OPTICAL CENTER at C/Fontanares, 70 in Valencia. In the Patraix neighbourhood. 
Morning and afternoon so that no one stays this summer without reading the book whose profits go entirely to Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail. Lastly, Dr. Mafé recounts the wonderful experience of searching for the Holy Grail in Valencia accompanied by Indi, in a thrilling adventure. 

The Forcat interview by Silvia Soria

Photos of routes and shows

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